In today's competitive advertising landscape, finding and engaging your target audience is more important than ever. The ability to connect with the right people and tailor your message for specific audiences has the power to improve conversion rates and increase customer lifetime value. We know the importance of connecting with your customers at ARM, which is why we have developed a solution to facilitate those all-important connections in an effective way. We’re thrilled to introduce ARM PRO: Audience, an exclusive feature available only on the ARM PRO platform. With ARM PRO: Audience, brands gain access to a powerful audience engine designed to reach their target market across a diverse range of high-quality audio environments, including podcasts, streaming music, and more.

ARM PRO: Audience was built by the experts at ARM for maximum impact without requiring extra effort from your team. The solution offers a range of benefits including exclusive media rates, custom targeting options, better reach, and transparency from start to finish. ARM PRO: Audience is easy to implement but will quickly become impossible to replace. 

ARM PRO: Audience empowers brands to streamline their campaign management processes, ensuring that their messages resonate with the right audience, at the right time, and in the right context. In one convenient single buy, brands reap the benefits of ARM’s unparalleled audio expertise while amplifying their reach. 

“As a team of audio experts, ARM has helped us find and connect with our target audience,” said Stephanie Kent, Senior Manager of Affiliate and Partnerships at Ritual. “Their dedication to navigating the nuances of podcasting and radio has resulted in our message being heard where it matters most.”

Experience the power of precision targeting, expert support, and simplified campaign management with ARM PRO: Audience. Learn more about the ARM PRO platform and ARM PRO: Audience here or contact us today for a demo.