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Video Podcast Marketing

Types of Video Podcast Marketing

What Viewers Skip

YouTube TrueView advertising is dynamically inserted, skippable, advertising that is mandatory to watch for the first 5 seconds of a video.


Benefits of Video Podcast Endorsements

Each advertisement read by the YouTube creator takes place in the middle of the show (mid-roll) and is permanently integrated into the show creating large eCPM arbitrage opportunities over the life of the content.

We work directly with creators to craft unique and memorable endorsements—with no skips.

The content lives forever within a creator’s video library with an easily accessible click-through URL that drives traffic to your brand.

Why Work With ARM?

We work directly with

Removing go-betweens from the process results in lower costs, clearer communication, and a superior final product.

We offer view

We buy at scale, guaranteeing more views than any other agency.

We get

Our in-house, full-service creative studio works with video creators to bring your vision to life.

We wrote the book on best practice.

We pioneered podcast advertising, and have brought our extensive knowledge to creator-based video Podcasts while developing new insights specific to each platform.

Who’s On The Team?

As a leading video podcast marketing agency, ARM works with hundreds of the biggest and best video creators, reaching over one billion subscribers across every category and platform.

Leading Brands Have a Strong Video Podcast Marketing Strategy.
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percentage of viewers bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube


percentage CPM drops after initial 30 day period of campaign


people subscribe to the top 10 U.S. YouTube shows

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A Special Delivery

After more than six years of podcast, satellite endorsement, and national terrestrial endorsement investments with ARM, Stamps.com and its sister company, ShipStation, wanted to diversify their endorsement messaging even more. Both brands aimed to expand their footprint in offline media while driving more volume at an efficient CPA.

ARM leveraged previous success in podcast categories such as automotive, technology, food, and society & culture and crafted creator-based video endorsement campaigns that let the influencers speak to their personal experience with the brand.

As a result, ARM expanded both brands' YouTube presence while delivering more brand awareness and conversions at efficient CPAs.

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Clients Keep Smashing That Like Button

ARM understood Miro’s business challenges and did not pigeonhole us into one strategy. They have holistic expertise, which is great because it made them flexible to our business needs, and they were open to teaching us.

Brandon Lutz
Head of Offline and Experimental Media, Miro

Your audience is watching.
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ARM acts as an extension of your brand. Your goals are our goals. Our business’s mission is to help brands find and engage with the right audiences in order to scale, achieve long-term growth, and establish greater advertising ROI. 

Now is the time to take your brand to the next level and share your message in growing and important channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a video podcast?

A video podcast is a form of podcast that uses video content alongside the audio. 

Just like a regular podcast, video podcasts cover a wide range of subjects, but add a video component, which can be particularly useful for brands that have a product that is best displayed or explained visually.

What is the difference between a video podcast and a regular podcast?

The difference between a video podcast and a regular podcast is simply the video component, and usually the platform on which the content is distributed. 
Typically, the very same audio content is on the video podcast and regular podcast version of a show. The video podcast is filmed while the audio for the regular podcast is being recorded.

However, some podcasts are audio first and may or may not have a video component. Some are principally audio, but may be uploaded to YouTube or another video platform with a banner as a static image for the entirety of the show with no live video of the hosts. Some, while developed as audio first, are also recorded as video, and later uploaded to video platforms. Lastly, there are a growing number of video first shows, where the hosts film themselves in conversation, and the audio of that is then ported to RSS feeds for podcasts. 

Some popular examples of video podcasts include New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, This Past Weekend with The Von, and The H3 Podcast. 
While regular, audio podcasts are consumed widely on many different platforms, video podcasts are largely consumed on YouTube, though platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify also support video podcasts. 

While podcasts have been around since 2004, video podcasts are a newer phenomenon, evolving in the last several years as the result of podcasting’s tremendous growth.

This channel has particular appeal for younger audiences, with 84% of Gen Z podcast listeners tuning in to at least one video podcast within the last month. AS this demographic grows (and boasts tremendous spending power) it is vital for brands to move where their attention is. 
Take an in-depth look at video podcasting in our e-book Video Podcast 101: What It Is and Why You Need It. 

What is video podcast marketing?

Video podcast marketing has all the benefits of podcast marketing—including great reach and niche targeting capabilities—while adding additional versatility. 

Video offers opportunities for creators to get more creative with their endorsements, integrating banners and other visual components with the audio content (read about how one ARM client, Miro used video podcasts to showcase the visual aspects of their platform here). Additionally, video is social media-friendly, making pieces of content easy to share widely. 

How does video podcast marketing work?

Functionally, video podcast marketing works very similarly to podcast marketing, though there are opportunities for additional video integrations, such as on-screen product placement, digital banners and text, or having the host of the show wear branded gear.

Purchase and creative development are also similar to that of podcast marketing. This channel offers the same fast, convenient, and effective launch of campaigns, while allowing brands to deliver their content on YouTube—a wildly popular platform with billions of views each day. 

When you work with a specialized agency like ARM, you get all the benefits of podcast marketing, plus the additional capabilities of video, at low CPMs comparable to that of podcast advertisements.

What are the best video podcast marketing platforms?

Far and away the most popular video podcast marketing platform is YouTube. In fact, 88% of video podcast consumers tune in this way.  To a lesser degree, audiences are also using Spotify (41%), streaming TV services (40%) and Facebook (32%). Apple Podcasts has also recently launched a video function.

There are, however, opportunities to access video podcasts, and their associated marketing content, on other platforms, including Twitch, and Vimeo.

Is video podcast marketing worth it?

Video podcast marketing is absolutely worth the investment. This quickly growing channel offers brands the opportunity to build an audience, increase trust, target customers, and guide them at every stage of their journey. 

Because video content is extremely popular, for many brands, it is even easier to engage with and strengthen bonds with their audience in this format. Given the incredible reach of video podcasts on platforms like YouTube, video podcast marketing delivers great ROI because it allows advertisers to reach the vast YouTube user base at a lower price than typical YouTube advertisements.