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Is Podcast Advertising Effective?

Weekly audio listening has hit an all-time high, with over 176M Americans tuning in every week to podcasts. Learn more about the effectiveness of podcast advertising in 2023.

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Infusing Immersive Storytelling Into Programmatic Advertising

The strength of podcast advertising comes from a uniquely loyal audience. 71% of listeners trust podcast ads more than other types of ad, according to Sounds Profitable.* To find success in the medium as an advertiser, you have to approach things from the listener’s perspective. Especially with programmatic advertising.   Whether they’re fans of sports,...

June 6th 2023

Podcast Advertising Types & Examples

Breaking Down the Types of Podcast Ads in 2023 with Examples In the debate between which is better – host live-read ads that are permanently embedded into the show or pre-produced (host read or voiced over) ads that are likely bought programmatically and dynamically inserted – Ad Results Media believes they are both critical components...

May 31st 2023

Q&A with Ad Results Media’s New CRO, Teresa Elliott

Kurt Kaufer, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer sits down with Teresa Elliott, ARM’s new CRO, during her first month in her new role to discuss her perspective on the industry, the value of specialized expertise and what makes a great partner. Kaufer: Welcome to Ad Results Media! We couldn’t be more thrilled to have you...

May 15th 2023

Key Insights from IAB's Podcast Upfront 2023

Last week, the Ad Results Media team traveled to NYC for the IAB Upfront Conference. We enjoyed reconnecting in person, attending panels, and taking it all in. And there was plenty to take in! We heard from heavy hitters from every corner of the industry, and got a sneak peek at some exciting innovations. Check...

May 12th 2023

From Ear to Wallet: Measuring the Incrementality of Podcast Advertising

We have all heard about the astounding growth currently being experienced by the podcast industry – more listeners, more time spent, and more ad dollars.  With such incredible growth comes the need for additional accountability. At Ad Results Media, we take our responsibility as stewards of our client’s media dollars very seriously and have developed...

May 11th 2023

Beyond the Mic: Celebrating Black Excellence

It's February, y'all! And you know what that means - it's time to celebrate and shine the spotlight on the amazing impact of Black content creators! During Black History Month, we get to recognize the role these amazing people play in shaping our culture and perspectives. So, let's give it up for the Black creatives...

February 8th 2023

Influencer Monetization

The current state of influencer monetization in 2022 Marketers of all sizes are incorporating influencer marketing as a core part of their media mix.  Brands love the creativity and high consumer engagement rates that they see on the content that results from their influencer and creator partnerships and are continuing to increase their spend. US...

January 19th 2023

How to Build Brand Awareness Through Audio Advertising

How to Build Brand Awareness Through Audio Advertising When most people think about a brand-building campaign, they often think about visually stunning video creative with high-profile talent or music, breathtaking OOH installations, or shiny print ads.  But regardless of medium, they almost always also think about high price tags and long production schedules.   The good...

January 10th 2023

Ad Results Media’s Ultimate Guide to Podcast Advertising

Table of Contents Introduction Is Podcast Advertising Effective? How Much Does Podcast Advertising Cost? Which Brands are Advertising on Podcasts? How to Advertise on Podcasts Develop a Podcast Media Buying Strategy Understand Your Audience Find the Right Podcasts Host-read Ads vs. Programmatic Determine Podcast Ad Placements Develop Podcast Advertising Creative How to Measure Podcast Advertisements...

How to Advertise on Spotify

Introduction to Spotify Advertisements Spotify is the world's most popular audio streaming subscription service with 433m users, including 188m subscribers, across 183 markets.1 Spotify has a wide variety of ad formats available that have evolved significantly over time.  Currently, their most popular ad formats are Streaming, Podcasts, Homepage Takeovers (HPTO), and Custom Playlists. At Ad...

January 1st 2023

Industry Experts Weigh-in on Podcasting Predictions for 2023

We rounded up some of the top experts in our industry like Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing,  Consultant & Business Coach, and podcast host David Meltzer, as well as executives from the programmatic media buying platform Audiohook, the weekly adtech newsletter Sounds Profitable and our very own Mike Kropko, Co-CEO of Ad Results Media to...

December 16th 2022

The Future of Programmatic Buying with Bryan Barletta and Jordan Bentley

In today's episode, Lindsay Smith sits down with Bryan Barletta of Sounds Profitable fame and Jordan Bentley, Founder of Audiohook, to discuss how programmatic ad buying works, the evolutions in the technology, and why we shouldn't be afraid to embrace this emerging tech.

December 14th 2022