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Is Podcast Advertising Effective?

Highlighting the Effectiveness of Podcast Advertising in 2022 Weekly audio listening has hit an all-time high, with 176M* Americans tuning in every week.  Along with this increased reach, they also added an additional 1 hour of listening time. The average time spent in 2021 with online audio was 16 hours, 14 minutes, up from 15...

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Why Audio Advertising Has Transformed Brand Safety for the Better

Every marketer knows that brand image is a precious thing—it takes patience and vision to build, but an unexpected wrong move could swiftly deteriorate that reputation. Because of this, brand safety is a universal issue that all brand marketers need to address and accommodate in their media and communications plans.

May 11th 2022

How to Find and Contact YouTube Advertisers to Promote Your Brand

How to Find and Work with YouTube Influencers in 2022 Everywhere you turn, brands and advertising gurus are talking about how essential it is for marketers to incorporate influencers and creators into their channel mix.  For some marketers, that is easier said than done.  While there have been great strides in advancing the practice of...

May 5th 2022

Episode 42 - Creativity in the Workplace

Have you ever considered that your outside hobbies or activities could actually influence the way you work? In this episode of On the Mic with Ad Results Media, Nate Spell and Lindsay Smith are joined by ARM team members Tony Carnevale, Brit Garcia, and Ari Diozon to chat through their out-of-work hobbies and how they bring creativity into the workplace.

April 25th 2022

Podcast Advertising Types & Examples

Breaking Down the Types of Podcast Ads in 2022 with Examples In the debate between which is better – host live-read ads that are baked-in to the show or pre-produced (host read or voiced over) ads that are likely bought programmatically and dynamically inserted – Ad Results Media believes they are both critical components within...

March 31st 2022

Ad Results Media’s Ultimate Guide to Podcast Advertising

Table of Contents Introduction Is Podcast Advertising Effective? How Much Does Podcast Advertising Cost? Which Brands are Advertising on Podcasts? How to Advertise on Podcasts Develop a Podcast Media Buying Strategy Understand Your Audience Find the Right Podcasts Host-read Ads vs. Programmatic Determine Podcast Ad Placements Develop Podcast Advertising Creative How to Measure Podcast Advertisements...

Episode 40 - Music in Podcasting Part 2

Lindsay and Nate are back again with Evan Brown as we discuss what the new theme song for On the Mic could look like. Will Evan be the Danny Elfman to Lindsay and Nate's Tim Burton? Will the trombone and theremin make an appearance in the new episode? Pull up a seat and take a listen to Part 2 of On the Mic's Music in Podcasting series.

March 28th 2022

Episode 39 - Music in Podcasting (Part 1)

Have you ever thought about the impact that music has on podcasts? In this episode of On the Mic with Ad Results Media, co-hosts Lindsay Smith and Nathan Spell work with Senior Copywriter Evan Brown, to discuss the nuance of music in the podcasting space. Together they review multiple podcast openers and collaborate on what the new sound of On the Mic might be.

March 14th 2022