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Audio Advertising with Creators: A Step-by-Step Guide for Brands

Capturing the power of audio is about more than just the right strategy—it’s about collaboration. ARM has been part of the personality-driven audio landscape for more than 25 years, driving results through brand storytelling rooted in connection and authenticity. We’ve distilled decades of wisdom on creator-based audio marketing into the pages of this e-book, full of actionable insights to drive a modern marketing strategy.

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Audio Advertising with Creators: A Step-by-Step Guide for Brands

Brands are aware of the power of investing in creator-based strategies to create trust, grow brand awareness, and amplify targeted messages. Yet selecting and working alongside creators isn’t always seamless.

We’re here to guide your next collaboration and answer all your most pressing questions on topics like:

• How to choose the right creators for your brand
• Which channels are ripe for creator-based marketing
• How to craft effective messages with creators
• Reaching targeted audiences at scale
• Best practices for collaboration
• How to budget for creator-based campaigns
• How to measure results

61% of consumers report that they trust creators’ recommendations.

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