How We Do It

Crafting the Perfect
Media Plan

Data science, platforms and emerging audio strategies are enhancing and changing how we operate. Our insatiable desire to stay ahead of the curve in these areas will continue to drive our innovative media planning strategies and keep us in a class of our own.

Our Partnership Process

  • Develop
  • Purchase
  • Launch
  • Measure
  • Report

We leverage our proprietary audio results database to create a custom plan tailored to reaching your campaign goals


End-to-End:  We negotiate preferred rates, flight the ads per best practices, manage the product seeding to endorsers, and facilitate all host onboarding


We track results and our dedicated compliance team monitors and grades the ads from campaign kickoff


We analyze the data at its most granular level to make optimization recommendations on an ongoing basis


We build custom reports based on your specific business needs


  • We create the campaign plan by leveraging our 25+ years of data
  • We buy the media.  Our buying power equates to more competitive pricing
  • We create copy based on seasonality, client voice, and an understanding of the creator’s connection with their audience
  • We oversee the entire creative process through ideation to post-production
  • We traffic creative and onboard the shows/talent


  • We capture all ads that run and ensure they’re meeting campaign requirements
  • We monitor and grade new creative launches using our proprietary grading system
  • Ads with problems are immediately addressed by our dedicated Audio Insights Team
  • We analyze the results relative to your goals and make real-time campaign decisions


  • We leverage client and publisher data to analyze campaign success
  • We make recommendations based on that analysis
  • We report results based on client needs
  • We handle all 3rd party invoicing and are 100% transparent in the process

We have a team of audiophiles who monitor and grade each endorsed ad to ensure brand safety and the ad aired exactly as intended.

Why does it matter?

Creative is critical to driving sales and ROI. We evaluate quantitative and qualitative components of each ad to ensure best practices are being applied by each host. Elements such as ad placement, ad duration and the endorser's tone, enthusiasm and delivery are all complied to create an overall spot grade.

We Focus on Results

Our Approach is Proven, Effective and Scalable.

From legacy brands such as Molson Coors to start-ups like FanDuel, we’re best-in-class at building tailored campaigns to build and scale brand growth, profitably.

Case Studies