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Types of VODcast Marketing

What Viewers Skip

YouTube TrueView advertising is dynamically inserted, skippable, advertising that is mandatory to watch for the first 5 seconds of a video.


Benefits of VODcast Endorsements

Each endorsement takes place in the middle of the show (mid-roll) and is permanently baked-in to the show creating large eCPM arbitrage opportunities over the life of the content.

We work directly with creators to craft unique and memorable endorsements. No skip buttons involved.

The content lives forever within a creator’s video library, and an easily accessible click-through URL drives traffic to your brand.

Why Work With ARM?

We work directly with

Removing go-betweens from the process results in lower costs, clearer communication, and a superior final product.

We offer view

We buy at scale, so we can guarantee more views than any other agency.

We get

Our in-house, full-service creative studio works with video creators to bring your vision to life.

We wrote the book on best practices.

We pioneered podcast advertising, and we brought our extensive knowledge to creator-based video – while developing new learnings specific to each platform.

Who’s On The Team?

As the leading VODcast marketing agency, ARM works with 100+ of the biggest and best video creators reaching over 1 billion subscribers across every category and platform.

Leading Brands Have a Strong VODcast Marketing Strategy
Do you?


percentage of viewers bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube


percentage CPM drops after initial 30 day period of campaign


people subscribe to the top 10 U.S. YouTube shows

“Results” Is Our Middle Name. Literally.

A Special Delivery

After six + years of Podcast, Satellite Endorsement, and National Terrestrial Endorsement investments with ARM, Stamps, and ShipStation wanted a way to diversify their endorsement messaging further. Both brands wanted to expand their footprint in offline media while driving more volume at an efficient CPA.

So we leveraged our success in podcast categories such as automotive, technology, food, and society & culture and crafted creator-based video endorsement campaigns that let the influencers speak to their personal experience with the brand.

As a result, Ad Results Media was able to scale both brands’ YouTube media spend by more than 8x for Stamps and 14x for ShipStation in over a year while meeting their CPA goals.


Increase in creator-based video media spend for ShipStation in a year.

Brand Safe
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Clients Keep Smashing That Like Button

I have always been blown away by how the Ad Results team consistently goes to bat for their clients and helps them ahead of their competition. They are the leaders in helping brands find new ways to propel their business through effective campaigns in audio, influencer, and more.

Will Flaherty
SVP of Growth at Ro

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We’re an extension of your brand. Your goals are our goals. We help brands find and engage with the right audiences to scale, achieve long-term growth, and greater advertising ROI. Now is the time to take your brand to the next level and get on all the screens.