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YouTube Advertising

The Challenge

Stamps and ShipStation wanted a way to further diversify their advertising reach, relevance, resonance and response while continuing to lean into endorsement-based ad strategies.  To do this, they turned to Ad Results to test into creator partnerships on YouTube with the goal of driving new customer growth at an efficient cost-per-customer-acquisition.


Our Solution

We leveraged our deep history and proprietary data to analyze podcast categories such as automotive, technology, food, and society & culture to craft a plan what would be hyper-effective from the beginning.  The plan we created instructed each creator to do a host-read endorsement of either Stamps.com or ShipStation (depending on which brand better fit the show’s demo as well as overall content). We then sent b-roll footage and set up comped accounts for each creator so that they could better showcase the site/process and speak to their personal experience with the brand.  At the end of the endorsement, hosts drove viewers to the vanity URL (provided by the brand) in the description. This sent them to a custom landing page.

The Results

The strategy and results have been a success story for Stamps and ShipStation. Ad Results Media was able to scale YouTube media spend by more than 8x for Stamps and 14x for ShipStation in over a year while meeting their CPA goals. Our partnership with Stamps and ShipStation has shown the benefits of our proprietary endorser and show performance metrics, while also demonstrating why Ad Results Media is renowned for our ability to create and scale cost-effective creator-based customer acquisition programs for clients.

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