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Ad Results Media’s Ultimate Guide to Podcast Advertising

Table of Contents Introduction Is Podcast Advertising Effective? How Much Does Podcast Advertising Cost? Which Brands are Advertising on Podcasts? How to Advertise on Podcasts Develop a Podcast Media Buying Strategy Understand Your Audience Find the Right Podcasts Host-read Ads vs. Programmatic Determine Podcast Ad Placements Develop Podcast Advertising Creative How to Measure Podcast Advertisements...

October 14th 2021

Is Podcast Advertising Effective?

Highlighting the Effectiveness of Podcast Advertising in 2021 Weekly audio listening has hit an all-time high, with 176M* Americans tuning in every week.  Along with this increased reach, they also added an additional 1 hour of listening time. The average time spent in 2021 with online audio was 16 hours, 14 minutes, up from 15...

August 20th 2021

Episode 31 - Why We Love True Crime

Why do we love stories of true crime? Is it the fear? Is it the thrill? Or is it the feeling of "what if" that these stories often times elicit? In this episode of On the Mic with Ad Results Media, Lindsay Boyd walks Nathan Spell through the science behind why we're obsessed with true...

March 22nd 2021

Fueling One of the Fastest Growing Audio Platforms

We sat down with some of the biggest names in podcasting like Spencer Brown (Founder and CEO of Cadence13) and podcaster Andrew Jenks, to see how content, channels, agencies and advertisers are helping move the industry forward at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. See the infographic below on the current podcast landscape...

October 2nd 2019

Demystifying the Podcast Ecosystem

“Entertainment always comes first. If you’re not entertaining, the rest will fall apart. Ideally, people really enjoy the story and then afterwards, or the in the days afterwards, they start thinking about the larger picture, or larger themes I tried to trickle in. By2021, podcasting is expected to become a $1 billion global industry. Audience...

September 19th 2019

We’re so into podcasts we started our own.

Check out the ARM On the Mic podcast for more industry insights.

5 Tips to Get Started in Podcast Advertising

As the chief marketing officer of an audio and podcast advertising agency, I’ve seen explosive growth in content, listenership and investments in the medium, as well as the brands that are recognizing podcasts can be a helpful way to sell their products and services. Create an optimal budget. Have enough budget set aside to test...

September 9th 2019

The Stakes are Higher Than Ever

This Bubble Isn’t Bursting – When you start to see headlines like ‘BuzzFeed Lays Off In-house Audio Team’ and ‘Audible Eliminates Roles Within Original Content Unit’ or ‘Panoply Leaving the Content Business’ – heads start to turn, analysts start to talk, and people start to speculate.

September 28th 2018