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Q&A With ARM's New VPs of Media

For over 15 years, DeShá has specialized in generating revenue and consumer engagement via creative partnerships and content creation. From his time in the USC Athletic Department, to FOX, The Audience Network and The Dan Patrick Show & The Rich Eisen Show, DeShá has established himself as a trusted collaborator, in highly competitive markets, who has a deep understanding of the national media landscape and how to use it.

December 22nd 2020

We’re so into podcasts we started our own.

Check out the ARM On the Mic podcast for more industry insights.

Hustle Sold Separately - Podcast Ep. 232

Learn more about how to position yourself completely different than the rest of the market as Matt Gottesman sits down with Steven Shanks and Kurt Kaufer to talk about making pivots in your industry and doing things completely different, putting reputation before revenue, building a solid foundation of relationships, the business of podcasting and the...

May 20th 2019