Collaborating with content creators can meaningfully generate engagement with your brand. The right messaging, coupled with the right creator, can drive brand exposure and rapidly establish credibility and trust. It’s powerful social proof that has already transformed the way audiences discover and interact with brands. 

Creator-based marketing in audio is particularly potent, marrying the power of influencer marketing with attention-grabbing podcast and in-stream audio placements. Creator-based audio marketing is uniquely memorable and impactful. In fact, 71% of listeners say they remember ads they hear on podcasts, and 68% of consumers are more willing to purchase a product or service after they’ve learned about it on a podcast. These opportunities, however, aren’t exclusive to podcasts. They exist throughout the audio landscape, including in digital audio and traditional radio. 

Despite the promise of this marketing strategy, many brands run into challenges from the onset—whether it's finding the right creators to work with or collaborating effectively once they have established a partnership. After decades of work in audio and influencer spaces, we’ve found that the foundational pieces of creator-based audio strategy are often the most impactful. For example, when choosing a creator to partner with, brands must consider more than just where to find their audiences. They must also take into account  their campaign objective, whether the creator is an authentic fan, the brand safety and suitability of the show or channel, and the episodes in which their brand will be featured. 

For example, when we help our client purchase audio inventory programmatically, we leverage Sounder’s industry-leading brand safety technology to ensure all placements meet brand guidelines. “Brands want to make educated audience-buying decisions about what content is right for their brand and their customers,” Sounder CEO Kal Amin said. “Sounder’s brand safety solution lets ARM leverage this information for its clients automatically, transparently, and at scale across inventory resources.” 

Once you determine how to deliver your message via audio, you must craft the right message. Creative thought-starters and suggestions, key messages, and memorable CTAs can guide your placement toward the right tone and delivery, ensuring that it connects with listeners. The process doesn’t stop there—most brands continue to build relationships with creators who resonate with their product or service and deliver quantifiable success. 

That ongoing process requires mutual respect, creative growth, ongoing dialogue, supportive audio ad spend, and effective measurement. 

At ARM, we help brands succeed with digital marketing for a new era, firmly rooted in audio and influencer strategies. That’s why we’ve created a free guide to get started with creator-based audio. Audio Advertising with Creators: A Guide for Brands will help you create audio strategies that yield big returns.  Download it here.

Inside the ebook, we break down the most crucial steps for getting started, collaborating, budgeting, and measuring ROI. For actionable audio strategy gleaned from our decades of industry knowledge, download the full e-book here.