We’re thrilled and grateful to have made the Campaign US Media Awards 2022 shortlist! The success of this campaign would not be possible without our partnership with Barstool Sports and our valued client Molson Coors. We thank Coors Light for trusting us to bring one of Barstool Sport’s most successful activations of 2021 to life.

We also want to give a huge shout-out to the ARM-y team crucial to the campaign’s success: Lisa Prentis Jacobs, Haley Schramm, and Nicole Giovia.

Take a look at the 360° campaign that landed us a spot as a top 5 finalist!

Executive Summary

As the presenting sponsor of Pardon My Take’s (PMT) 5th annual Grit Week, Coors Light became intertwined with one of Barstool Sports’ most successful activations of 2021. From custom content, social integrations, audio takeovers, and an RV that was turned into a giant Coors Light can, the tour drove an unprecedented number of viewers across platforms to experience the tour in all its forms. Delivering 8M+ impressions and 166k+ engagements, the campaign was seen as a success across brand and network alike.

Overview - Campaign Objectives

The goal of the campaign was to drive engagement and brand affinity for Coors Lights as a partner of one of the largest Barstool Sports annual activations. Authentic endorsement is the cornerstone of all podcast partnerships, but we pushed to go beyond that, to make the Coors Light name synonymous with Pardon My Take (and Grit Week) by weaving the brand’s presence into the different facets of the show (audio, video, social, etc.) and leveraging the loyalty of the PMT audience to help drive consideration across beer drinkers. Coors Light made integration easy for the team, from the custom PMT x Coors Light cans, to the color-changing merchandise, there was authentic enthusiasm that was seen from host and viewer alike.


The strategy behind Grit Week for Coors Light was to be a true partner to the PMT team during this special event. Through the creation of special beer cans, PMT X Coors Light merchandise, and the “silver bullet” RV, cross-platform integration during the week was truly authentic to the Coors Light brand and PMT and drove significant engagement with viewers on social. The whole PMT team (in-front-of and behind the scenes) are masters of creating content that speaks to and resonates with their audience; together with the Coors Light team, unique custom video ideas organically meshed Coors Light with key Grit Week events to help take the partnership to the next level.


Coors Light and Barstool Sports alike saw Grit Week 2021 as an overall success. Engagement surrounding the PMT x Coors Light items featured throughout the week was significant. In total, 23M+ minutes of Grit Week content was watched. Viewership spiked across channels and held at increased levels across specific platforms after the conclusion of Grit Week. 8M+ impressions were seen across Grit Week content, the majority of which aligned with target demos and top geos for the Coors Light brand. Coors Light looks forward to continuing this partnership in years to come and building upon the prior success of these unique, integrated activations.

The Campaign Media Awards will take place virtually on Thursday, April 28, 2022 at 3 PM EST. Tune in to see if we take the win!