Voices of Audio

Ad Results Media Presents, Voices of Audio: a dedicated series uncovering barriers in the podcast industry from unique and diverse perspectives. Listen, learn and help us take action to work together to empower and lift the entire podcast ecosystem.


  • Ladygang
  • Wondery
  • Podcast Nation
  • On the Mic

Join Becca Tobin, Keltie Knight and Jac Vanek of The LadyGang Podcast as they discuss industry challenges, wins and the changes they hope to see in the future of podcasting.


Tune in to hear from the women of Wondery, the network behind shows like Dirty John and Dr. Death, as they chat about their biggest industry inspirations and how women in podcasting can inspire and uplift each other.

Podcast Nation

Hear from the top female executives at Podcast Nation as they discuss the launch of a new agency, podcasting being akin to influencers and the representation of women in the podcasting space.

On the Mic
Hear from the employees of Ad Results Media as they aim to educate and enlighten on the topics representation, inclusion, equity, liberation and solidarity. Is your organization creating spaces where these important conversations can happen?

Voices of ARM

Hear from our team what being a woman in the ad industry is like, how they empower other women and what they see for the future of audio advertising.

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Insights from ARM employees as they explore the challenges in today's audio industry.

Diversity and Inclusion

A Q&A with ARM’s Senior Director of HR, Ceena Babukutty about the challenges our country's emerging majorities face in the audio industry.

Passion & Perseverance

Hear from ARM copywriter, Ari Diozon, on the women who have inspired her throughout her career.

Challenges for Women

Seda Filenko, Kelsie Utz and Chertera Williams sit down to discuss their career journeys, experience in the advertising industry and advice for other women in traditionally male dominated fields.

Follow along as we strive to amplify all voices in audio together.

"As a woman just starting out in your career, people will typically underestimate you but your brilliance, hard work, determination and flexibility will shine through and not go unnoticed."

Seda Filenko Director of Analytics

"There are always going to be obstacles, but it’s not what you go through in your career, it's how you get through it that really defines who you are."

Ceena Babukutty Sr. Director, Human Resources

"My career hero was the first real-life example I had of a strong woman who knew how to carve her own space in the workplace without ever compromising who she was."

Ari Diozon Copywriter

On the Mic with ARM