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Client expectations have never been higher, resource needs have never been larger, and media has never been more specialized and complex.

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ARM is a media company that specializes in helping marketers and agencies harness the power of creator-based audio and video platforms.

Ecosystem Simplicity

Our 100+ audio experts on staff create a one-stop shop for agencies to navigate the complex ecosystem of platforms, publishers, podcasters, and producers. To date, we've worked with 6,000+ podcast shows across every major network and independent shows.

Audio Advertising

Our tech stack and rich database of historical audio and creator-based campaign results fuels our propriety platform helping us build campaigns that go wide and deep to drive optimal campaign results.

Impactful Creative

Host endorsements yield 2.5x greater performance than the alternative and ARM's solutions create the ability to scale these ad types for greater performance.

Business Results

Podcast measurement is complicated, and client partnerships are fleeting unless campaigns are successful. Our modeling solutions offer us the ability to measure direct response and brand performance while creating attribution models to analyze the true ROI of any campaign.

We drive results at scale

By placing a significant potion of all podcast ad dollars we have accumulated a material amount of performance data. This data fuels our media planning and buying engine resulting in higher campaign ROI and brand resonance for clients.


We’re Pioneers

We were the 1st to place an advertisement in a podcast in 2010.

We’re Specialists

We've bought and placed $2B+ in audio media since 1998.

We’re Neutral

We work with all platforms, publishers, producers, and hosts.

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How to Partner with ARM

We offer a dedicated partnership giving brands access
to our suite of tools and technology, media planning and buying solutions, as well as our creative, research, measurement, and analytics capabilities.

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