Podcast Advertising

Scaling Customer Acquisition

The Challenge

MVMT is a digitally native disruptive brand whose goal is to change the way consumers think about fashion by offering high-quality minimalist products at revolutionary prices.  With over 1,000,000 watches sold to customers in 160+ countries around the world, MVMT has solidified itself as the world’s fastest growing watch company.


Our Solution

Since 2016, the stylish watch maker has turned to Ad Results Media to scale their customer acquisition efforts via audio advertising.

Considering MVMT’s strict campaign ROI goals, we’ve created a robust evergreen marketing and advertising strategy that targets popular podcasts in addition to a robust long tail of smaller shows where we know we could take advantage of the corollary between pricing and listener response.

Our breadth and depth of team operations, robust database of show and network performance data, and our expertise across media buying, account management, creative, compliance and accounting has allowed us to create and execute upon incredibly effective and efficient media buying strategies for MVMT. Our long term partnership aided in their sale to Movado in 2018.

Services Provided

Let’s Talk
Ryan Dell

I worked with ARM for 5+ years at two different companies. They’re a tremendous partner in profitably scaling our business. As thought leaders with a deep history of broadcast radio, they are now leading in new innovative channels like podcasts, streaming audio and paid social audio. Truly an extension of the MVMT Team!

Ryan Dell CMO, MVMT