Podcast Advertising

A Recipe for Success

The Challenge

Blue Apron Inc. is an American meal-kit service that exclusively operates in the United States.  Since 2015, Blue Apron has partnered with Ad Results Media to scale customer acquisition and brand awareness efforts through podcast advertising.

Our Solution

To meet Blue Apron’s aggressive goals, we created a strategy that incorporated not only top endorsers across podcasting, terrestrial radio and satellite radio, but a unique approach to our creative and media buying strategies. Whether it was inventing the first ever presenting sponsorship deal in podcasting with the partnership between Blue Apron and Pod Save America or getting creative with how we structured mid-roll spots, we were always looking for an edge on what Blue Apron’s competitors were doing.

Leveraging 20 years of proprietary endorser and show performance metrics, Ad Results Media was able to scale Blue Apron media spend by more than 10x in less than 12 months while meeting their ROI goals. The combination of our breadth of endorser and network relationships, pricing power, creative might, analytical prowess and scaled internal operations allowed us to quickly create an efficient enterprise level program that has been sustained for years.

Services Provided

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