If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times, media buyers are impossible to shop for! They have every imaginable channel planning tool, a first look at new alphas and betas and their swag game is second to none.

So the folks at Ad Results Media are here to make your holiday shopping a breeze with our 2022 Media Buyers Holiday Gift Guide. When the media buyers in your life have their fill of, Moleskine notebooks and fidget poppers, look no further than this year’s comprehensive list of gift ideas.

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1. Personal endorsements at scale.

One of the main reasons that personal endorsements are so successful at driving product trials and overall sales is because they are personal. As most media buyers know, it’s often hard to achieve scale with endorsements. That is what makes this our top gift idea of 2022: host-read endorsement ads that can be scaled using direct podcast buys or through programmatic audience buys.

According to Edison Research’s Super Listeners 2021 report, 49% of listeners believe their favorite hosts are actual users of the products or services mentioned on their podcasts, up from 40% just two years earlier. Combine this will the year-over-year audience growth for podcasts that, according to The Infinite Dial 2022, has reached 177 million listeners over the age of 12 in the U.S.

The ultimate performance drivers are podcast ads due to their unique ability to scale personal endorsements to relevant audiences. This beats any doorbuster out there!

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2. Gift some chill with 'On the Mic'.

Podcasts are a source of inspiration, offer focused “me time,” and often are an escape for listeners. The Ad Results Media podcast “On the Mic” is all of those things and more. Hosts Lindsay Smith and Nate Spell dig deep into the world of audio ad buying, covering such topics as battling the death of cookies, why podcast creators deliver such incredible business results, and how the audio industry has evolved over time. This is the ultimate gift for any media buyer looking to deliver personal connections at scale, or for advertising historians looking to learn from the legends of our industry.

A surprising fact for most media buyers is that YouTube is the top platform for audiences under 35 to consume podcasts. Is your media buyer looking to add a little spice to its standard YouTube plan? Look no further than targeting Gen Z and millennial podcast listeners (those typically ranging from their mid-20s to late 30s) on YouTube, where the episodes can include video of the hosts and more direct calls-to-action, including clicking through to a brand website or e-commerce marketplace.

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4. Sonic brand building.

This gift is for those media buyers who consider themselves half creative and half audio innovators. Podcast advertising is truly an untapped opportunity for brand marketers looking to build their sonic identities. This gift harkens back to the heyday of radio personalities who helped build brand love and connection with local advertisers. In today’s podcasting marketplace, advertisers can help build those same connections through the personal endorsements from host-read ads.

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5. Zero degrees of separation.

Relationships still matter when buying podcast ads. Ad Results Media only hires nice people so your media buyer doesn’t have to. One of the most effective ways to develop a highly customized media plan for brands that know they want to leverage creator-based media is to collaborate with a partner that has deep relationships in the podcasting space. Real relationships deliver better creative and more meaningful results.

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6. Freedom from ad stacking.

Nothing says “bah humbug” like ad fraud. Even Ebenezer Scrooge can’t resist the holiday spirit when it brings with it true ad-stacking prevention. Ad stacking, or the practice of running multiple display banners on top of one another, is one of the most prevalent forms of digital ad fraud, and likely a source of frustration for the media buyers in your life. Imagine the joy on their faces when they are presented with the gift of podcast advertising that is impervious to ad stacking.

The good people at Ad Results Media want to help you spread a little joy this holiday season and find the perfect gift for the media buyers who are often impossible to shop for. Reach out to our team to find out more information on any of our gift ideas and how they can benefit your brand or business.


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