Kurt Kaufer, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer sits down with Teresa Elliott, ARM’s new CRO, during her first month in her new role to discuss her perspective on the industry, the value of specialized expertise and what makes a great partner.

Kaufer: Welcome to Ad Results Media! We couldn’t be more thrilled to have you on board as our new Chief Revenue Officer. Can you share a little bit about your past experience leading sales organizations in tech and audio?

Elliott: Thank you! I am incredibly excited to be a part of this team. Before joining ARM, I spent the past eight years at Spotify, the world’s largest audio platform. Most recently, I led the Global Agency and JBP Development team. In my role, I was responsible for building strategic partnerships with the Big 6 holding companies and their largest advertisers. I was fortunate to have a seat at the table with the CEOs, CMOs, and other leaders across these businesses where we discussed their marketing and business challenges. We built advertising solutions to address these challenges at the intersection of tech and audio. Audio is a strong marketing tool given both the personal and social nature of the medium. It reaches consumers across platforms, devices, and in moments that are truly authentic.

In today’s highly fragmented media landscape, there’s really nothing that can cut through the clutter and reach an engaged consumer like audio advertising. Prior to Spotify, I spent nearly nine years at Microsoft working on a variety of products from search to display, video, and even the early days of in-app advertising. One thread that has been consistent in my career, is that I’ve always found myself in consultative roles versus direct sales. I enjoy putting the puzzle pieces together in a comprehensive way to help my partners, whether brands or agencies, solve their business challenges and drive meaningful results together.

Kaufer: As a Co-Founder, I might be a little bit biased, but I think that Ad Results Media is a really special place. What are some of the reasons that you were drawn to working here?

Elliott: I agree with you! Ad Results is special – and I’m not just saying that because I’m here. As I learned more about ARM’s services and got to know the team better, I started to better understand the power of ARM’s expertise. Fueled in large part by podcasting and streaming, Audio has become a “hot” medium for marketers over the last couple of years. With 25 years of history as audio experts, ARM has both deep institutional knowledge and strong strategic insights around what performs best for marketers at a level that I have not seen elsewhere. When you take those insights and pair them with the talented team here, there is a level of expertise that can’t be easily replicated.

I have been in the boardroom with senior marketers and agency executives and know that every decision they make must be backed with results. Results is in our name here! It was important for me to join a company where I can bring real solutions and results to my partners. On top of that, ARM is central to the audio ecosystem more broadly. We represent the buy-side but have influence over the buy-side, sell-side, content, and tech ecosystem. It’s the team’s expertise that makes this possible, and that is a huge benefit to the marketers and partners we work with.

Kaufer: One of the reasons I love this business is that there is literally a podcast for everyone. No interest or topic is too niche – there is always an audience ready to press play. And these audiences are considered some of the most valuable and sought-after target consumers by advertisers!

How do you see podcast advertising stacking up against other digital marketing channels in terms of reaching them efficiently and effectively?

Elliott: Podcasting is an intimate medium that reaches a highly engaged and highly desirable audience of listeners. Podcast advertising is a great way for brands to reach those who would otherwise be unreachable cord-cutters – and not just reach them, but meet them in their own environment. This is particularly important for reaching GenZ. People listen to podcasts when they are cooking, driving, getting ready in the morning, and even exercising.

These screenless moments are valuable for brands. Whether a listener is into the latest beauty trends, wants to learn more about setting up a small business, has a passion for their local sports team, or considers themselves a true crime junkie, there really is something for everyone. Given the diversity of content and the targeting options available across platforms, podcast advertising brings significant opportunities for brands to reach their audience in authentic, highly engaged moments.

Kaufer: Since we are on the topic of niche interests and this is your first official Q&A as the new CRO of Ad Results Media, do you have a little-known hobby or passion that you want to share with everyone? To make this easier, I will go first. I love to go thru-hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Elliott: Similar to Monica’s character in Friends, some might say I have an obsession with cleaning. If anyone wants to talk about stain removal or how to make a counter shine, feel free to reach out. Just be prepared that you might be stuck in this conversation for longer than you want! You’d also be surprised how much cleaning content is out there. I find it so relaxing!

Kaufer: Ok, thank you for playing along! Now back to business. Since we know that advertisers have an uncanny ability to inspire innovation and speed up the adoption of new ad offerings and technologies – what are you most looking forward to?

What are you hearing from the marketplace that ARM and our client and agency partners can tackle together?

Elliott: Of course, you weren’t going to let me get through this interview without mentioning the proliferation of AI! Advertising is both an art and a science. I don’t believe AI will replace humans, but I am excited about the ability for AI to supercharge the work humans are doing and help us drive better insights. From an advertising and marketing standpoint, AI can help us make better decisions across targeting, creative development, and analyzing results.

We’ll be able to realize the efficiencies in programmatic advertising as much as we will for the high-touch parts of our business. I believe AI will enable each of us to better utilize our unique strengths – whether we’re strategists, creatives, or in another role. When I think about all of the insights we have at ARM and how we can leverage AI to bring those insights to life to drive even more efficiencies for our partners, that’s when I know I’ve come to the right place.

Kaufer: Ok, you made it! Interrogation is complete. But in all seriousness, we couldn’t be more thrilled that you are here and can’t wait to see all that you will help us accomplish.