Policygenius transforms the insurance journey for consumers by combining cutting-edge tools with the expertise of licensed agents. Its one-stop platform lets consumers compare insurance policies in a seamless, integrated experience. Since 2014, the company has helped over 30 million people shop for insurance and has placed over $200 billion in coverage. Policygenius is an advocate at every step, making it easy to explore coverage options and adjust policies through life changes. 

Policygenius wanted to balance its marketing portfolio, which it knew would require expanding into new channels. The company engaged ARM for its audio expertise and comprehensive services to integrate audio with other core channels. ARM’s careful placement, scripting, and campaign management helped the brand reach its target audiences through host-read ads. 

Polina Gadot, Associate Director of Acquisition at Policygenius, oversees marketing and its partnership with ARM. Gadot views the long-term working relationship with ARM as essential to offsetting the time needed to manage a marketing program with a vast podcast ad portfolio. “ARM’s management of the program when I don't have the capacity is a huge benefit,” Gadot says.  

Since ARM can use the same metrics and KPIs for audio as other digital channels, it is easy to establish comparative ROI. So far, audio has proven to be as profitable—or more so—than other channels such as affiliate programs and paid search. For measurement, ARM triangulates data from multiple measurement methods, which has shown that podcast ads are driving efficient incremental growth, offering proof that ARM’s strategy has delivered the desired results—in some cases as much as a 50% faster conversion time compared to other channels like social. 

ARM’s expertise has created long-term ROI for Policygenius, establishing a sense of trust with the brand. Want to know more about how ARM’s start-to-finish services freed up time and supported profits at Policygenius? Download the full case study here.