Podcast dynamic ad insertion (DAI) is a powerful tool for delivering highly targeted audio ads. With DAI, advertisers can connect with specific audiences in defined geographic locations and even at a specified time of day. These targeting tools increase engagement, connect with qualified listeners, and offer improved  ROI for advertisers. Through DAI on podcasts, everyone accesses a seamless, personalized listening experience. As such, the ad experience can be more positive for users while the campaign can produce better results for advertisers. 

Dynamically inserted podcast ads are one of two ways ads are typically delivered. The other method is integrated, sometimes referred to as “baked-in” ads, wherein the ad itself is part of the show’s script, effectively hardcoded into the content permanently. There are different reasons why advertisers opt for one or the other, though both methods have an important role to play in an advertising strategy. 

In this article, we’ll examine dynamic ad insertion specifically, covering: 

  • What Is Dynamic Ad Insertion for Podcasts?
  • How Dynamic Podcast Ads Work
  • Benefits of Dynamic Ad Insertion on Podcasts
  • Challenges of Dynamic Ad Insertion on Podcasts
  • Best Practices for Dynamic Podcast Ads
  • Dynamic Podcast Ad Trends for 2024

What Is Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) for Podcasts? 

Dynamic ad insertion (DAI) is a method of ad delivery in podcasts that uses tools to upload files to a podcast episode for a specific period of time and automatically removes them at the end of that timeframe. Conversely, integrated ads (aka baked-in) are hardcoded into the content and always delivered when users listen to that episode, for the lifetime of the episode. 

With DAI, advertisers have the flexibility to choose exactly where ads play in podcast content; tailored ads can be placed in specific episodes, at defined times across a show’s entire back catalog. Once a campaign ends, ads can be removed and new podcast ads can be inserted to keep content fresh and offer an improved listening experience. 

The ad tools leveraged for DAI allow advertisers the ability to target a specific audience, location, and time of day. These ads are not placed on a “fixed position” basis and can appear in any inventory that meets the defined campaign criteria. This method enables brands to efficiently buy a wide array of inventory that exposes their target audience to their ad creative.

How Dynamically Inserted Podcast Advertisements Work

Ads that are dynamically inserted are not live-read ads, though they can be read by the hosts of a specific podcast. These ads are pre-produced creative and can be developed by the brand or in collaboration with a specific podcast personality. For DAI, brands typically create multiple versions of pre-recorded audio ads that are then served to specific audiences in podcast inventory that meets their targeting criteria. For example, a brand might target an ad for allergy medication in a specific geographic area where pollen indexes top a defined threshold. This makes every ad hyper-relevant and avoids wasted impressions, ensuring that the right messages reach the right audience at the right moments. Additionally, DAI ads can be easily stopped when the message is no longer relevant to a targeted group. 

As such, dynamic ad insertion is exactly that—dynamic. DAI ads can be inserted into specific spots in podcasts and are easy to shift in response to performance. The ad doesn’t have to be the same ad every time, and it can be tweaked depending on the listener downloading the episode. 

Dynamic ads are played pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll at markers designated by the podcast producer. Once these markers are in place throughout an entire podcast archive, advertisers can insert ads with a tremendous amount of flexibility.

Integrated Vs. Dynamic Podcast Ads

Integrated ads (sometimes referred to as “baked-in”) are ads that are permanently embedded into the show. Alternatively, DAI ads that are bought directly or programmatically and dynamically inserted into shows are not fixed and can be removed at the end of a campaign. At ARM, we believe both integrated and dynamic ads are critical components to a successful overall media mix. Both offer tremendous benefits for advertisers, from long lifespans and the power of personal endorsement to flexibility and advanced targeting.

We love the incredible persuasive power of live, host-read ads, which is at the heart of all personality-driven media. Podcast listeners also have a high degree of trust in the hosts they listen to, which proves effective for advertisers. In fact, 95% of U.S. podcast listeners have taken some action as a result of podcast advertising. 

Live-read ads are “highly sought after across the podcast industry … [and] are seen as a more intimate way for brands to connect with listeners through a program’s hosts as opposed to pre-produced ads,” according to Morning Consult.

Dynamic insertion also offers great capabilities that can deliver strong ROI independently or in conjunction with integrated ads. With the industry evolving to include audience-based planning and buying, buying ad podcast ad inventory that is dynamically inserted into a show offers a turnkey way to reach a brand’s target audience through audio.

Easily optimized and highly targeted, many brands appreciate the flexible efficacy of DAI. 

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Benefits of Dynamic Ad Insertion on Podcasts

DAI offers several key benefits to advertisers.

Perhaps most powerfully, buying podcast ads programmatically and leveraging the power of dynamically inserting those ads into shows help brands win with targeting efficiency. In addition to focused targeting abilities, DAI offers increased relevance through its delivery, eliminating wasted impressions. 

“Securing actual contextual relevance through digital programmatic ads can be challenging,” says Gretchen Smith, Ad Results Media’s VP of Media. “While some of the challenges can be addressed using DCO [dynamic creative optimization], I believe that it still falls short of the contextual alignment we can achieve through programmatic podcast ads. The organic nature of the conversations that occur on podcasts is the perfect environment to authentically insert topical ads or products.”

Additional benefits of using DAI on podcasts include:

More Flexibility

Ads are not permanently embedded in the podcast audio file and provide increased flexibility and control to advertisers.

Increased Personalization

The listening experience can be different for each individual listener. Time periods where ads run can also be easily adjusted. 

Seasonal Promotions

Dynamic ads offer an excellent format for seasonal promotions as brands can serve their ads during the relevant promotional period only.

Back Catalog Advertising

Timely ads can be served even during back catalog listening, effectively extending the reach of the ads to incremental audiences.

Challenges of Dynamic Ad Insertion on Podcasts

Ads that are read live by the show host come across to listeners as authentic, natural, and trustworthy, a moving endorsement of the product or service. DAI may not be live read, but thanks to its flexible nature, can offer just as much power, due to refined targeting and the ability to leverage host-read messaging. 

The natural and spontaneous conversation that can happen between show hosts and guests about the advertiser within the fabric of the show is an extremely effective tool in driving consideration or conversion and can’t be replicated via dynamically inserted ads. Yet dynamically inserted ads can be placed in relevant show episodes, at the appropriate times, and thus delivered to audiences primed to receive the message. 

There are benefits and challenges associated with all delivery methods of podcast ads. That’s why at ARM we suggest working with strategists to create a mix of podcast ads aligned with your campaign goals.

Podcast Dynamic Ad Insertion Best Practices

As with any media campaign, it is critical to establish clear measures of success and define KPIs during the planning phase. Ads that are dynamically inserted unlock sophisticated measurement and optimization capabilities that materially aid in measurement and optimization.  In addition to proper planning, these additional best practices can help set your brand up for success with dynamic podcast advertising.

Custom Creative by Audience Segment

Maximize the potential of your podcast ad campaign by producing custom creatives for each of your segments. Create multiple scripts that incorporate key consumer insights from each of your targets.

Timely Messages with DAI

It is possible to use the impermanent nature of DAI to your advantage to produce timely, seasonal, or geo-targeted ads.

Measure, Optimize, Repeat

DAI gives advertisers greater control of key campaign testing variables and deeper performance data on each ad. Learn from in-market performance and optimize for greater efficiency.

Dynamic Podcast Ad Trends for 2024

For 2024 trends in dynamic podcast advertising, we’re noticing growing use of programmatic, improved brand safety tools, and greater potential for interactivity. We’ve outlined the biggest trends to follow this year below.

Programmatic Share Continues to Increase

Proximic’s 2024 State of Programmatic Report bullishly predicts that more ad spend will be allocated to programmatic advertising in 2024. As these channels refine contextual capabilities, programmatic is poised to offer big returns in audio and beyond. 

Brand Safety Becomes a Breeze

Brand safety has always been part of the dynamic ad insertion conversation. With so much movement and possibility, how can advertisers ensure that their messages are delivered alongside suitable material? Advanced brand safety tools are making brand safety less of a pain point in audio advertising. Seeking partners with the right tech is crucial to delivering effective messaging in effective places.

Greater Creative Interactivity

There are specialty providers developing solutions to enable greater engagement and interactivity with audio ads, including voice interactivity, personalization, and mobile phone engagement. These capabilities offer advertisers the possibility to personalize and iterate ads in new and exciting ways. 

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