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Episode 23 - The Anatomy of an Ad, Part 2

What is the one, powerful tool that is essential to developing lasting advertising ideas? The answer: Strategy. Without strategy, it's virtually impossible to connect your brand to your target audience, and connecting brands is what great advertising is all about! In episode two of our study of The Anatomy of an Ad, Nathan Spell continues...

November 2nd 2020

Episode 22 - The Anatomy of an Ad, Part 1

What are the basics of creative strategy? Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in the advertising world, understanding the fundamentals is paramount to success. In episode one of our latest series focusing on the anatomy of an ad, Senior Copywriter, Nathan Spell, will guide us through creative strategy and defining "brands". Podcast...

October 20th 2020

We’re so into podcasts we started our own.

Check out the ARM On the Mic podcast for more industry insights.

Episode 14 - An Interview with Larry Goldberg

In episode 14 of On the Mic with Ad Results Media, Nathan Spell and Lindsay Boyd sit down with Larry Goldberg from Cadence13 to discuss the impact of Coronavirus and the upcoming Presidential election on audio advertising the podcasting space. Be sure to subscribe to the "On the Mic with Ad Results Media" podcast through...

June 29th 2020

Ad Results Media’s Ultimate Guide to Podcast Advertising

Table of Contents Introduction Is Podcast Advertising Effective? How Much Does Podcast Advertising Cost? Which Brands are Advertising on Podcasts? How to Advertise on Podcasts Develop a Podcast Media Buying Strategy Understand Your Audience Find the Right Podcasts Host-read Ads vs. Programmatic Determine Podcast Ad Placements Develop Podcast Advertising Creative How to Measure Podcast Advertisements...

Episode 8 - Audio Matters!

In Episode 8 of On the Mic with Ad Results Media, Lindsay Boyd takes our listeners on her personal journey as a podcaster and voice over actor as we launch our newest series: Why Sound Matters. In this introductory episode, listeners will have the opportunity to experience the differences in sound quality produced by various...

March 8th 2020

Episode 6 - An Interview with Sim Sarna

In episode 6 of On the Mic, Nathan Spell and Lindsay Boyd have a chance to sit down with the founder of Cloud 10 Media, Sim Sarna, and pick his brain on developing compelling podcast content, getting started in the space, and learning patience during the process. Podcast Transcript (0s): From teaching the art of...

January 27th 2020