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Episode 42 - Creativity in the Workplace

Have you ever considered that your outside hobbies or activities could actually influence the way you work? In this episode of On the Mic with Ad Results Media, Nate Spell and Lindsay Smith are joined by ARM team members Tony Carnevale, Brit Garcia, and Ari Diozon to chat through their out-of-work hobbies and how they bring creativity into the workplace.

April 25th 2022
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Episode 38 - An Interview with MeganPlays

In this episode of On the Mic with Ad Results Media, co-host Lindsay Smith sits down with Roblox YouTube creator, MeganPlays to talk through building your audience on YouTube, how to choose the proper advertisers for your audience, as well as to answer the question: What exactly is Roblox?

February 28th 2022

Ad Results Media’s Ultimate Guide to Podcast Advertising

Table of Contents Introduction Is Podcast Advertising Effective? How Much Does Podcast Advertising Cost? Which Brands are Advertising on Podcasts? How to Advertise on Podcasts Develop a Podcast Media Buying Strategy Understand Your Audience Find the Right Podcasts Host-read Ads vs. Programmatic Determine Podcast Ad Placements Develop Podcast Advertising Creative How to Measure Podcast Advertisements...

Episode 31 - Why We Love True Crime

Why do we love stories of true crime? Is it the fear? Is it the thrill? Or is it the feeling of "what if" that these stories often times elicit? In this episode of On the Mic with Ad Results Media, Lindsay Boyd walks Nathan Spell through the science behind why we're obsessed with true...

March 22nd 2021

Episode 32- An Interview with Comedian Bert Kreischer

As marketers begin to expand their definition of influencers to those beyond Instagrammers and TikTokers – the time is ripe to explore the similarities that podcasters have with social influencers and how to leverage them as an integral part of an influencer strategy. Podcast Transcript (2s): Hey everybody. Thanks for joining us today. I'm Steve...

March 21st 2021

Episode 28 - An Interview with Ad Results Media's SEEN Committee

Representation. Inclusion. Equity. Liberation. Solidarity. Is your organization creating spaces where these important conversations can happen? In this episode of On the Mic with Ad Results Media, Lindsay Boyd and Nathan Spell share space with Ad Results Media's SEEN Committee, a working group created to create, plan, and implement initiatives surrounding difference and inclusion in...

January 31st 2021

Episode 27 - An Interview with Jordan Harbinger

From Kobe Bryant to Simon Sinek, Jordan Harbinger is no stranger to conducting guest interviews, and he knows a thing or two about people, building relationships, and personal networks. In this episode of On the Mic with Ad Results Media, Nathan Spell and Lindsay Boyd sit down with Jordan to talk podcasting, starting over, and...

December 20th 2020