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  • Programmatic podcast advertising

    What is Programmatic Podcast Advertising?

    Everything you need to know about programmatic podcast advertising Podcast ad spend is predicted to grow from $1.75B in 2022 to $2.66B in 2024 - an increase of 52%.  While programmatic podcast advertising represents a small fraction of the overall spend against podcast advertising, programmatic podcast buying is expected to grow from $117M in 2022...

  • On the Mic podcast

    Episode 58: Best Practices Are Always the Best Process…Or Are They?

    Best practices have a tendency to our rule our life, even if you don’t always notice them. There’s the best way to load the dishwasher. There’s the best way to compose an email. There’s the best way to approach an advertising campaign… But what is what we consider to be best practices are actually hindering...

  • 6 Holiday 'Gift Ideas' For That Media Buyer Who Has Everything

    If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times, media buyers are impossible to shop for! They have every imaginable channel planning tool, a first look at new alphas and betas and their swag game is second to none. So the folks at Ad Results Media are here to make your holiday shopping a breeze...

  • On the Mic podcast

    Episode 57: Behavioral Economics and Advertising

    We all have systems and research data that we can rely on to craft compelling advertising campaigns, but have you ever seen an approach and wondered, “How did that idea work?!” In this episode of On the Mic with Ad Results Media, Lindsay and Nate are joined by Senior Copywriter, Ari Diozon, to break down...

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