As an industry leader in the audio and podcasting space, we are always looking to continue our growth and ensure the success of not only our business, clients and vendor partners, but the overall success of the audio industry.

Our membership within IAB not only provides a seat at the table with key industry leaders, but also allows us to elevate our long-term knowledge and skills while also interacting with other leaders in the media and advertising industry. After having the privilege of speaking at IAB’s Direct Brand Conference for the past two years, we’re excited to take our partnership to the next level of collaboration.

It’s truly exciting to be a part of this industry during a time of rapid growth and expansion. We are looking forward to joining IAB as we come together with other industry leaders to strategically plan for the future. - Kurt Kaufer, Partner and CMO

IAB was founded in 1996 and represents over 250 leading interactive companies that are actively engaged in, and support the sale of interactive advertising, in fact IAB members are responsible for selling over 86% of online advertising in the United States. IAB evaluates and recommends standards and practices, fields interactive effectiveness research and educates the advertising industry regarding the use of interactive advertising.

Stay tuned for more exciting IAB updates throughout the year!

-Kurt Kaufer