We continue to uphold our values as our new normal shifts and wanted to share some encouragement from our Ad Results Media family that continues to practice Guidance, Gratitude, Grit and Growth in this time. Staying connected with each other, clients, our partners and with our extended communities has always been important, but is absolutely necessary now. Last week we launched several initiatives to continue practicing our core values, including:


In times like these employees step up to mentor each other in unique ways and those contributions lead to something bigger than our day to day.

 - Virtual Engagement: We implemented a virtual strategy based on daily, weekly and monthly remote communication with teams.

 - Work Remote Guidelines and Best Practices: As we’re all shifting to working from home, we’ve formal guidance such as implemented check-ins on Slack, tips and tricks for working from home, FAQs, and more.

 - Communication Guidelines: We highly encourage calls and video conferencing or FaceTime over just emailing to keep employee engagement active.

 - Deepak Chopra’s 21 Days of Abundance and Love Challenge: Outside of work, finding balance and guidance in this "new normal" is key – our team is partaking in this challenge to stay grounded.


Promoting work life balance when working from home takes boundary-setting, flexibility and overall grit to balance a new type of productivity. We’re partnering with HealthCode kicking off April's Million Mile Month to encourage everyone to keep moving and stay healthy while staying indoors.


We’re empowering our ARM family to take part in showing up together (virtually) by creating fun and engaging activities that our employees and their families, roommates and even pets can stay connected with, including:

 - Random Acts of Appreciation: Through a nominations for each other, we’re sending cards to Employees at home thanking them for their continued, awesome work.

 - WFH Spring Break Spirit Week: We encouraged employees to dress up each day of the week with a different theme – see below for a few of our favorite submissions.

 - ARM Cookbook: Needing some inspiration in the kitchen? Employees can post their favorite recipes as part of our company cookbook.

 - Virtual Book Club: Facilitated through Slack, our team is staying connected through some of our favorite books.

 - ARM Playlist Challenge: Employees have pulled together a pull playlist of songs to keep you motivated and empowered while working from home.

 - ARM Cribs: Since this is new territory, ARM employees are staring full tours and pictures of their work from home spaces…and furry, tail-wagging “co-workers”.


As our VP of Strategy & Growth, Christine Paulsen, put it when we first launched the 4Gs, “True collaboration and teamwork are the most important to personal, and ultimately company growth. Together we are stronger.” We’re asking employees to reach out to those they might not have the opportunity to work with to mentor and strengthen internal collaboration. Virtual coffee dates and celebrating accomplishments together, whether that’s by sending direct mail or via Slack, collaboration and mentorship now will keep us stronger together in the long-term.