For as long as advertising agencies have existed, there has been a healthy debate about whether marketers should consolidate their business with a  generalist agency of records (AORs) for efficiency or whether they should partner with specialist agencies and take advantage of their deep expertise for their particular channels and services. For as long as this debate has been going on, the industry has reacted through cycles of consolidation, and then specialization, and then consolidation and then back to specialization. At Ad Results Media, we don’t think you have to choose a side. We know there are benefits of both models, depending on the brand. In fact, our team is well-versed in partnering with AORs on behalf of brands seeking deeper audio expertise, with other specialty agencies with different areas of expertise, as well as with brands directly. We put the brand and the brand’s marketing goals first. 

Over the course of Ad Results Media’s 25-year history, we have made it our business to effectively partner with brands and other agencies to activate best-in-class audio campaigns.  As with any medium, there are specific nuances to planning, buying, creative development and optimization for audio. We understand the nuances of all audio formats and use our expertise to set our clients up for success. 

Here are the top five reasons why Ad Results Media plays nicely with others.hey all come down to our specialized expertise and scale.

1. Understanding of and Strong Relationships in the Highly Fragmented Media Landscape

With audio advertising, whether it is on AM/FM Radio, Streaming or Podcasts, there is one common denominator – people are a big driver of the media buy. The DJs, producers, hosts, and networks help  drive the popularity of the content, understand the context, and ultimately the reach of your brand’s audio advertising.  With any type of personality driven media, having long-standing and trusted working relationships makes the process better. It is challenging for advertisers or media agencies of record (AORs) to maintain the type of relationships with audio personalities that will make a real difference in the negotiation and delivery of media buys– simply because it is not their core business. We make it our business to get to know the most niche of podcast hosts, most popular DJs, and the teams behind them. This is becoming increasingly complex as the new networks and hosts enter the landscape. As specialists, it’s our job to know these key players better than anyone else.

2. Instant Access to Audio Advertising Talent

Ad Results Media has a team of nearly 100 people who are true audio experts. Our team has experience augmenting both in-house media buying teams as well as agencies. If you have ever had to build a team from the ground up, then you know it can be a real challenge to scale the team at the same rate that the work needs to be done. Our team of audio experts is able to get onboarded to your business and planning process quickly. Then, we get to work using our expertise, relationships and tools to deliver high-performing audio campaigns.

3. Proprietary Tech Stack

As a true trailblazer in the audio industry, we have been able to collect and analyze over 25 years of performance data. We have the largest proprietary audio ad performance database in the U.S. – which means we have insight into which networks, shows and creators will be the best match for any marketer. Using this data as the foundation, we have built a suite of tools made for audio and we use these tools for any brand or agency we work with. By partnering with ARM, you can avoid the risk and cost associated with building or licensing your own audio tech stack.

4. Creativity & Media Live Under the Same Roof

Our in-house, full-service creative studio works with creators and networks to bring your vision to life with optimal ad performance. We streamline the development of audio ads and ensure absolute alignment with the media buy.  Whether you need pre-produced or host-endorsed ads, our team is ready to manage both the buy and the creative development to spec for any audio format. We even help source voice talent for brands.

5. Buying Clout

With the growth of programmatic media, the opportunity to leverage buying clout by many agencies has been mitigated across video, digital and social. Audio is one of a few channels where clout still matters. Due to the scale of our audio investments as a specialist agency we are often able to negotiate lower rates with our network partners than an individual brand or generalist agency would likely be able to negotiate on their own. We pass along the savings we have earned thanks to our scale to our advertisers and agency partners. Our scale also gives us access to strategic benefits with the networks that we are able to leverage with our clients as it makes sense for their business

Whether you represent an agency or a brand, the team at Ad Results Media looks forward to partnering with you to help you reach your marketing goals using the power of Audio advertising. Reach out to our partnerships team today.