‘Start-up mentality, with years of expertise’
After 20 years in the audio industry, we’ve learned that things change faster than you expect them to. As an agency, you should always be thinking one or two steps down the road to grasp all opportunities. While hard work tends to win out, you’ll never have all the right answers. When we set out in radio station management, we knew that staying focused on the future would establish a lasting business and learned how to adapt quickly, which led us to launch our first podcast ad with Adam Corolla back in 2010. That entrepreneurial spirit is how we reached $1 billion in aggregate audio media ought over 19 years of service with a 35% ownership of total podcast ad inventory.

‘Power of proven results’
Our campaign decisions for clients are rooted in over 20+ years of proprietary data within the audio endorsement space. Good agencies win when data and key performance indicators are considered in every move made.

‘If they win, you win. In that order’

We have clients that we signed on in our first year that are still clients 20 years later (AT&T and Sleep Number). Through those relationships, we’ve learned that the success of your clients is always the priority…if they win, you win and in that order. Growing our clients’ business and seeing them grow from a dozen employee to hundreds is one of our greatest accomplishments long-term. Ad Results has a proven track record of scaling successful clients like Zip Recruiter, Blue Apron and Harry’s.

‘It’s not work, it’s family’

We take pride in providing people a place to work that is fun, that they can grow and learn from and gives them a sense of satisfaction that they have helped another business grow. We’re proud to have built a best in class team over the past 20 years that thinks critically and brings innovative, new ideas to the table.

‘Relationship first mentality’

Relationships are what our business is grounded in, whether that’s with clients, network partners or hosts. Often time, industry relationships help leverage connections with advertisers and influencers, therefore leading to negotiations. That means that transparency and high-integrity are crucial when making business decisions. There are even times we recommend that our clients not spend their money if we don’t feel it’s going to produce results and are transparent with what we pay for the media and what we charge as a commission.

‘Looking towards the future’

Starting out, we knew that if we worked hard we could help our clients grow and succeed. Of course, we’ve had our share of ups and downs, but it’s satisfying to see our business where it is today, 20 years later.   We knew that honing down on clients’ results would make them successful and our business would follow. Looking towards the next 20 years, our eyes are set on leading the influencer audio space and having our biggest year yet. We’ve built a systematic approach to how we execute influencer ads, in any language, and any format.