In our #MoreThanMeetsTheEar Series, we partnered with Fast Company to build a winning guide for advertisers looking to build their brand and reach new customers. We know podcasts are an excellent tool for reaching affluent, action-oriented consumers who are motivated to support the brands that support their favorite shows. They can help advertisers launch new products, find new audiences, build brand loyalty, and boost the bottom line—all compelling reasons to dive into the rewarding world of podcast advertising.

But the real challenge? Making sure advertisers know they’re getting a return on their investment. This can be made easier by partnering with a specialized ad agency like us. After all, the very factors that make podcasts appealing to advertisers can also present challenges. An expert partner can help brands navigate the questions that arise: With a seemingly infinite number of genres—and even more individual shows—to choose from, how can brands best target their podcast advertising? What role do individual podcast hosts play in making an ad campaign successful? And is there any way to know if podcast advertising is working besides tracking responses to discount codes? We explore all of your burning questions in a full E-Book downloadable here, covering the following:

  • In Chapter 1, we’ll look at how advertisers can target the right listeners and, once they’ve found them, develop marketing strategies that connect.
  • In Chapter 2, Kevin Welsh, Molson Coors’ senior marketing manager, explains how this personality-driven medium gives brands a unique way to reach new consumers and seed future growth.
  • Chapter 3 offers a look at podcast advertising by the numbers, with stats about advertiser ROI, listener engagement, and measurements of success.
  • In Chapter 4, Crime Junkie co-host Ashley Flowers recounts her journey into podcast advertising and discusses the close bond her listeners form with the brands that sponsor her show.
  • And in Chapter 5, Bobby Hobart, podcast performance manager for hydrating powdered-drink-mix maker Liquid I.V., discusses how the brand experiments with niche messages, different types of ad copy, and programs with differing goals—all via its podcasting partners.

We’ll be teasing content over the next few weeks so stay tuned or cut to the chase and download the full guide today!