Grammarly combines machine learning and natural language processing for the market’s preeminent communication assistance tool used by individuals and enterprises alike. Grammarly’s missionto improve lives by improving communication—speaks to its goal of connecting innovative products and services to those who can benefit from them. 

Grammarly launched an advanced tone suggestions feature for the 93% of professionals who say they struggle to convey the right tone in their writing. The company chose ARM to support the tool’s roll-out with targeted audio campaigns. 

Grammarly’s primary campaign focus was to drive awareness and conversions to its premium, business, and education products. ARM strategists worked with Grammarly’s leadership to develop a plan that would support its goals. They decided to partner with streaming music and podcast platform Spotify to leverage its large listener base and maximize campaign reach. Grammarly reaped the benefits of ARM’s measurement tools and Spotify’s ad analytics. 

Grammarly’s campaign attained above-average results, thanks in large part to audio advertising’s high engagement rate, coupled with the precise targeting and measurement capabilities inherent in digital mediums. In its first three months of partnership with ARM, Grammarly witnessed how audio’s immersive quality creates solid recall, translating to strong brand engagement. Audio drove a lift in Grammarly’s conversion rate, which reached 6%, well above average, and increases in ROAS and purchases of its premium products. 

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