There’s a lot of noise out there. And it’s getting harder to stand out and stay memorable. Finding a careful balance between increasing your reach and staying true to your brand is vital. And when you get it right, your brand can stick in the minds of audiences long after they hear a spot.

Hopping on trends or achieving virality can get you short-term attention, but to sustain success, you’ve got to grow your reach and invest in making more impactful connections. That means thinking beyond the sale and considering how to align your brand with the thoughts and feelings of your customers. And nothing does that quite like creator-based marketing. 

Here are five ways to get into the minds of your audience through their eyes and ears. 

1. Tailor fit your messaging

One size does not fit all. What grabs one group’s attention could make others tune out. Try taking a closer look at your general target to identify subsegments with more specific needs or tastes. With that information, you can make minor but meaningful adjustments to create more tailored executions without totally rewriting your existing creative. For example, feature different pieces in your latest collection, address technical use cases, or cater to a variety of price points. It’s a quick way to stretch your messaging strategy—and your media dollars. 

2. Open up the conversation

To get people to listen, you have to show that you speak their language. The right tone is essential to fitting your brand into the conversation. Creators can skillfully bridge your messaging with their fans and tailor it to their audiences. Partnering with the right creators and giving them the freedom to speak authentically makes your brand feel like a more natural part of the experience rather than an interruption. Show listeners you understand what they like by encouraging different creators to tap into what makes their content unique.

3. Change the channel

If you’re reaching a plateau in engagement, switch things up. Adding new platforms to your marketing mix can help you reach totally new eyes and ears. And with channels like YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch, there may be less competition in your vertical. So it could be easier to stay top of mind. Working with smaller creators can also lead to surprising results. In addition to more affordable pricing, creators with smaller followings often can have more direct connections and higher engagement with fans. According to Spiralytics, micro-influencers bring in 20% more conversation than macro-influencers. After all, who doesn’t like rooting for the underdog?

4. Put the “no” in technobabble

Jargon. Buzzwords. Legalese. No matter how impressive they sound in other contexts, technical terms can break the immersion between the content and a listener. In a digital world full of choices, people are drawn to what’s most relatable to them. No matter who you’re talking to, keep it simple. Even for knowledgeable audiences, breaking down complex concepts into conversational language prevents your brand from sounding condescending, unapproachable, or worst of all—boring.

5. Be music to their ears

Jingles may feel like a relic of a bygone era, but there’s one that probably still gets stuck in your head from time to time. Call back to the effectiveness of those earworms with sonic branding. It doesn’t take much for a handful of notes to go a long way. Having a signature clip, or audio logo, can increase recall, boost brand recognition, and help you stand out in a block of ads. According to the fall 2023 Audacy State of Audio report, podcast ads with sonic branding saw a 14% increase in recall and 2% increase in purchase intent. Think of it like an auditory cherry on top that brings together your audio campaign initiatives.

Creating memories together

If you want to incorporate any of these strategies into your advertising campaigns, the audio experts at Ad Results Media are ready to help. From brainstorming creative strategies to optimized media buys, we know the business from top to bottom. Reach out to the team today to get started on your brand’s audio