and ShipStation are sister brands providing internet-based shipping and mailing services to individuals and businesses, as well as software to import and manage outgoing orders. The brands collectively manage hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue and sought to continue expansion by diversifying their podcast, satellite, and national terrestrial endorsements. 

The two brands have collaborated with ARM for more than six years and wanted to deepen the partnership to grow their footprint while lowering their cost per acquisition (CPA). ARM developed an action plan that included host-read endorsements of or ShipStation, depending on which brand better fit the show’s themes and demographics. In recent years, this method has proven powerful for advertisers. In fact, 79% of B2B marketers believe that influencer marketing will continue to grow in importance. 

ARM identified relevant categories for the two brands to target, including automotive and food. Creators read advertisements tailored to each vertical, supplemented with B-roll footage and comped accounts so they could speak authoritatively about their personal experience with the brand. Each endorsement included a vanity URL that sent listeners to a custom landing page, allowing for precise measurement of traffic from each placement. 

This strategy helped and ShipStation expand their reach across markets while improving their overall CPA to come in under their target goals. Both brands scaled their media spend, boosted by ARM’s proprietary show performance and endorsement metrics. 

Download the case study here to get the whole story of how ARM helped and ShipStation meet their CPA goals while expanding their acquisition strategy.