I often find myself reflecting on the power of one; one thought, one action, one voice, and one individual.  In these moments, I ponder on the idea that “one” person has the ability to foster community, and promote positive change. See, I have often heard that if we desire change, then we must first become a person who is reflective of that, but what does that truly look like and where does one start? If you ask me, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Change starts the moment “one” individual decides to use their time, voice, and skills for the betterment of another. It starts with one, but it doesn’t stop with them. 

So, as we welcome March and embrace the significance of every woman’s voice, I challenge you to remember that change is a choice, and communities are built from this choice. This is one of the many reasons I can appreciate the evolution of influencer media, and the space that Ad Results Media provides for voices to be amplified, whether it be on your favorite podcast or YouTube channel. When one person shows up and decides to start moving, it creates space for others to join. 

In honor of Women's History month, we would like to highlight a few women-led podcasts within our partnerships that have changed the game in the audiosphere. 

Women Evolve:

The name says it all – evolution. What I love about the word evolve is it acknowledges that where you start doesn’t have to be reflective of where you end. Host Sarah Jakes Roberts cultivates an environment for women to not only feel heard and seen but be comfortable with embracing every aspect of who they are and where they are in life. 

Having a medium that begets opportunities for vulnerability and transparency is necessary. People connect with authenticity, and I believe this is what helps Sarah Jakes Roberts’ listeners to connect with her podcast. She shows up, embracing every part of her and in return allowing her listeners to do the same. She is real, relatable, an encourager, and Christ-led. So, if you desire to evolve and become a part of a community that perpetuates positive growth, tune in!

Asian Boss Girl

Just like there is power in “one”, there is also power in words. When I think about the word “boss”, I also think about the word ownership. How am I owning every space I occupy in life? Whether that be personally or professionally, how am I showing up and owning what I am doing?

 Asain Boss Girl has two layers to their digital audio platform working hand in hand simultaneously. One, they are creating a space for women to gather and have real conversations pertaining to all aspects of life and how they can show up as their best selves. Two, they are providing a space to acknowledge every modern-day Asian American woman that may feel overlooked and unheard. So, if you are wanting to engage in a community that talks about all things ranging from dating to working, tune in with hosts Melody Cheng, Helen Wu, and Janet Wang!

The Goal Digger Podcast

What would life be without aspirations and goals? We all are striving for and towards something. The tricky part though is knowing what to do with the desire you may have. I have come to realize that having a goal is one thing, but acting on it is another. Having a space that can identify with one’s desire for growth and expansion, but also provide them with tools that may help them as they work towards their goal is important. 

Host Jenna Kutcher provides an atmosphere for her listeners where they can assess where they are, where they’d like to be, and then reflect on what may need to happen in between. So, if you are looking for a podcast that will equip you with applicable tools and tips to help you as you work toward your goals, tune in to The Goal Digger Podcast

As we reflect on the power that “one” person has, remember that it doesn’t take much to evoke change. Change starts the moment you decide to let it. It starts with a thought that leads to action, and eventually gives birth to a movement – change.  Become the one who starts. Use your voice, dedicate your time, and share your skills. Evolution, being a boss, and setting a goal don’t just happen by chance, it happens by choice.  History is made one person at a time and is the reason we’re celebrating women’s history this month. So, choose, because there is power in one, and there is power in you.