We’re excited to announce that Ad Results Media will be featured on the SXSW Podcast Stage!  Don’t miss our CEO Marshall Williams as he joins Peter Kafka, Recode Media host and Recode executive editor,  and Jacob Weisberg, co-founder of Pushkin Industries and former editor in chief of Slate, together with  best-selling author and journalist Bethany McLean as they deep dive into the future of podcasting. These industry leaders will discuss what might be coming next in the world of podcasting and share candid views on where they see the podcast industry going over the next few years.

Can’t make it to Austin? Make sure to visit our Twitter handle @AdResultsMedia for a live Q&A Twitter session during the panel discussion – Monday, March 11 from 3:30PM – 4:30PM CT.

The SXSW Podcast Stage presented by Cadence13 will be hosting industry leaders, talent, and over 30 live podcast shows covering music, film, technology, comedy, politics, and more. In anticipation of participating in one of the world’s largest creative festivals, we’re sharing our agenda for the week in Austin.

1 - Broadcast for Podcasts: Transitioning Audio to Visual Storytelling

We know listeners look to compelling content and trending storytelling when searching for their next podcast. Networks know the power of this audience, so much so, that key-players like HBO Bravo, and Oxygen are adapting podcast content for the big screen. We’re excited to hear from our friends Payne Lindsey and Donald Albright, cofounders of Tenderfoot TV, the content creation company behind hit podcasts “Atlanta Monster” and “Up and Vanished discuss this transition and the power of compelling storytelling.

2 - Uncommon Conventions: A Deeper Dive into the DTC POV 

The direct-to-consumer (DTC) model isn’t entirely new, but in recent years we’ve seen an increasing number of companies skip the intermediate step of retail to land their products on customers’ doorsteps. These brands may have started small but their power to reach the consumer is undeniable. In this session, top DTC brands will pull back the curtain on how they are challenging the conventions of marketing and retail and putting people, community and convenience at the center.Featuring:

  •  - Benjamin Witte, CEO and Founder, Recess
  •  - Elliot Friar, Brand Marketing Manager, quip - Whoohoo, go Elliot!
  •  - Scott Stedman, Chief Strategy Officer, Yes and Company
  •  - Paul Munford, CEO and EIC, Lean Luxe


3 - The Deep End by Vox Media

From Friday, March 8 to Sunday, March 10, Vox Media will bring back “The Deep End:” a three-day immersive experience, designed to ignite curiosity, encourage discovery, connect communities and take Vox Media’s audience deeper into their passion points in tech, sports, food, news, culture, and so much more.

4 - Deep Impact: Podcasts Inspiring Action

Comedy and true crime are usually chart topping favorites, but news and politics are giving these genres a run for their money. Podcasts can dive deeper than headlines and can help listeners change perspectives, build community and even spark action. PRX, a leader in podcast content, technology and training, will showcase how shows can expose cultural issues and build community, leading to social change and listener action, proving podcasts are critical media.

 5 - Kids Listen: The Craft of Podcasting for Kids

 According to Edison, 44 percent of Americans 12+ say they have ever listened to a podcast. So there’s so surprise that kids are starting to listen and engage with podcast shows. NPR's Wow in the World, Sanden Totten of Minnesota Public Radio's Brains on discuss how to creatively package science, trivia, music, and more for the next generation.

 6 - What Really Happened? Podcast

 WHAT REALLY HAPPENED? Is written and hosted by documentarian Andrew Jenks, and co-created by Seven Bucks Production, in which they re-examine famous figures and historical events to uncover untold stories and unravel fascinating, newfound narratives. Jenks will be joined on the stage by critically-acclaimed documentary filmmaker, Erin Lee Carr as she premiers her new film ‘I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth Vs. Michelle Carter’ at this year’s SXSW festival. Together they will discuss how documentarians avoid the inherent trap falls that come when presenting hard-hitting subject matter while working to create an entertaining story that doesn’t lose the substance of the material.

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Photo credit: Photo by Diego Donamaria/Getty Images