In honor of this award we sat down with ARM’s CEO, Marshall Williams, to speak about this great achievement and what it means for company moving forward.

What does the Inc. 5000 list mean to you personally?

Inc. Magazine has long been a standard for entrepreneurs. Anyone starting a business looks to the publication for information, success stories and case studies to learn what successful businesses have done to disrupt their industry. To be included in their list of fastest growing privately owned companies is incredibly validating and means a great deal to me personally.  For me, it means we have and are building a business that not only adds value to its clients, but also allows our employees to grow, learn, and be part of a fast-growing team that truly cares about what we do every day.

When you started the company, did you think the business would be where it is today?

Actually no. I imagined a smaller business that worked to help our clients achieve their desired results from their audio advertising campaigns, but what I didn’t imagine was a landscape shift in broadcasting that would allow us to grow at this exceptional pace. The universe of podcasting, which is what our advertising business is built around, is expanding faster than we expected and is an incredibly pleasant surprise. The future looks very bright and we are getting the best responses, insights and results for our clients that we’ve honestly ever seen.

If you could say one thing to your employees, about this accomplishment what would it be?

I would simply say ‘Thank You.’ Without our team and the hard work and dedication they have shown, we simply would not be here today. I’m very proud of my team and what they have accomplished for our clients. Not only have they tackled and navigated a new media landscape, but they’ve become a best in class organization within that media space. From our highest level of management, they have dedicated themselves to insuring our clients get the very best results possible for their advertising dollar and continue to deliver world class service. I’m thrilled to see where our results and people take us the next 20 years.

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