A Genius Approach

Podcast Advertising

An Insurance Plan for Success

The Challenge

Policygenius is on a mission to get people the insurance coverage they need and make them feel good about it.  The challenge was understanding how to reach and engage potential customers in an cost efficient manner.

Our Solution

We advised Policygenius to become early investors in podcast advertising and helped them to establish a self-reported attribution system to measure effectiveness at a time when few measurement processes existed. Together, we have become pioneers in the measurement and attribution space and have helped move the podcast ecosystem towards digital attribution.

As a result, early adoption of podcast advertising has been a success story for Policygenius. Ad Results Media was able to scale Policygenius media spend by more than 10x in two years while meeting their ROI goals. Our partnership with Policygenius has shown the benefits of our proprietary endorser and show performance metrics, while also demonstrating that Ad Results Media is renowned in scalable, cost effective audio acquisition.

Services Provided

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