A Golden Strategy

Podcast Advertising

The Challenge

As the Molson Coors Beverage Company looked to recruit new drinkers, they knew they needed to diversify their channel mix, find ways to break through the advertising clutter and continue to build a brand that people care about.


Our Solution

The four brand barriers we set out to overcome were:

  • Modern day consumers expect content to be on-demand
  • Brands need to drive emotional breakthrough in a cluttered media environment
  • Brands do not have many opportunities to tell their story in an extended manner
  • The fragmented media environment creates challenges in driving frequency with consumers

Video Testimonials

The Results

Due to podcast’s opt-in nature, the emotional intensity of audio advertising, ability of trusted talent to portray the brand story and increasing scale, Molson's podcast advertising campaigns broke through all four barriers.

By pairing Molson Coors brands with the right hosts, shows and audiences, podcasts drove reach, relevance, resonance and response across all levels of the marketing funnel. It brought awareness to Molson's portfolio of lesser known brands, and more consideration to higher-profile brands, thus driving direct response/ in-store purchases.

As Kevin Welsh, Sr. Marketing Manager at Molson Coors puts it, "Once we started talking to Bill from "The Ringer" and Fran and Ria from "Chicks in the Office", we found out that they were superfans of our brands. The conversation inspired us to partner with them, and others, as we wanted podcasters who are genuine fans of the brand. That authenticity comes across so smoothly when they're endorsing us that it almost doesn’t come across as an ad. It's like a friend telling another friend why they love it."

Services Provided

Let's Talk
Kevin Walsh

When we made a commitment to really lean into the podcasting space, we needed to find an expert, an agency that was doing it better than anyone else. That’s why we built our partnership with ARM. They have authority in the space from execution, to network relationships and especially brand safety.

Kevin Welsh Senior Marketing Manager, Media - North America at Molson Coors Beverage Company