Audio Scores Big

Terrestrial + Satellite Radio

The Challenge

FanDuel partnered with ARM to increase outreach and audio performance through cost-effective advertising across various audio platforms during the Super Bowl while competing against other Tier 1 ad markets. 

Our Solution

ARM advised FanDuel to increase the frequency of spots to one every half-hour to boost GRPs and improve CPA. To drive results, we recommended low-cost audio elements (“broad rotators”) in hand-selected satellite radio markets, podcasts, and terrestrial radio. We wanted to capitalize on this major media moment for the brand.

Bringing it to Life

The Results

Thanks to ARM’s recommendations, FanDuel capitalized on a major media moment for the brand. 

As a result, FanDuel activations increased by 443% WoW, with the most activations in two brand new markets: Michigan (increased by 171% WoW) and Virginia(increased by 301% WoW). After this unique, buzzworthy campaign, FanDuel beat their predicted CPA by 64%, performing 78% better during the week of the Super Bowl than in all of 2021 YTD.

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