Sr. Account Strategist


The Senior Account Strategist is the primary liaison between the client and ARM and helps lead the strategic vision for growing and optimizing client campaigns of larger, multi-channel accounts at the agency. They are responsible for meeting clients’ budget and performance goals by crafting campaigns focused around audio advertising channels. This role will also be responsible for leading and mentoring account strategists on new and smaller pieces of business, and helping to guide them on the strategic elements of campaign planning and execution as well as focusing on personal development.

The key differentiator between a senior account strategist and an account strategist is demonstrated history managing large account growth and maintenance.  Senior strategists are also experts at the media planning and buying process, and have been able to evaluate and improve both internal and external processes at ARM.  They educate and train their account strategists on all aspects of the audio-influencer planning and buying process and have unique POVs + best practices.  They are skilled at running multiple audio-influencer channels for a client, rather than just one channel like a podcast-only campaign.


  • Familiarize yourself with company operations and media planning and buying processes, inside and out
  • Act as the point person for all client communication for the agency, and established a regular frequency of communication with these clients
  • Build and maintain relationships with clients to fully understand their business goals, marketing goals, and role of paid media.
  • Consult clients on their marketing challenges and develop strategies on how audio-influencer campaigns can positively impact the client’s media campaign performance, customer acquisition strategies, and overall campaign performance
  • Forecast client spend both to manage what budgets have been provided to the agency but also what budgets can expand to by way of introducing new channels, testing new audiences, or uncovering new messaging strategies
  • Work with the creative department to translate the media strategy into the creative application of scripts (host endorsement, host read, and pre-record) to manage how things come to life for the brand in audio-influencer channels
  • Work with the audio insights team to define brand safety grade evaluations for the client, and steward conversations where host reads may be off-script
  • Present findings to clients on a macro level to re-align and validate channel strategies, and a micro level to steward weekly observations and optimizations needed
  • Manage and maintain audio-influencer channel flowcharts and budgets to be the source of truth for clients and finance
  • Manage and reconcile monthly billing, both pre-bills and actuals, with support from the account coordinator and media planning and buying team
  • Responsible for the direction and compilation of ad-hoc client research projects, with support from the account coordinator and the media planning & buying team
  • Evaluate performance of campaigns based on clients’ selected attribution of choice, reviewing performance, making insights and recommendations
  • Coach and teach account strategists on key components of audio-influencer channels including operations, best practices, emerging products and news, and negotiation skills and tactics
  • Build and maintain strong internal relationships to foster campaign brainstorming and development
  • Serve on at least 1-3 internal ARM committees related to subject matter expertise, company operations, enrichment, career development, and/or social committees.


  • At least 2 years’ work experience in media, marketing, or advertising
  • Eager to manage and proven and demonstrated experience in delegation and growing direct reports
  • A working knowledge of audio channel strategy and/or influencer channel strategy, relative to how they sit parallel to other channels like video, display, social, etc.
  • Deadline-oriented, being able to manage deadlines both with clients and internal stakeholders
  • Proficiency in excel, including pivot tables and VLOOKUP functions
  • Self-starter, industrious and strong critical thinking skills
  • Invested in client happiness and success, being eager to consistently provide new opportunities to test and learn for clients
  • Analytical experience, being able to look at data charts and visualizations to make observations, insights, and recommendations for strategy
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks at a time while also maintaining recurring agency tasks
  • Strong time management skills
  • Ability to work both independently and with multiple teams on projects and provide proper updates