Quality Assurance Specialist


Quality Assurance Specialists are responsible for monitoring and evaluating all ads that are booked by Ad Results Media as well as offering specialized coaching and onboarding for their clients. A successful Specialist is an individual who is determined, resourceful, maintains impeccable attention to detail and is able to prioritize while thriving in a fast paced, team centric environment. Specialists will mentor and support QA Coordinators while overseeing High Priority advertisements and solutions as well as offering creative solutions for all ad reads that do not pass the evaluation process, scheduling and documenting discrepancies, schedule changes, and value.

Individuals must possess impeccable attention to detail and work well in an ever-changing environment with little supervision. Specialists must also possess excellent written and verbal skills and maintain a strong sense of follow through to ensure full creative success for all campaigns.


  • Support the media buying teams as needed for special projects and day to day responsibilities
  • Establish and train vendors on ARMs best practices by assisting and/or leading onboarding calls prior to campaign launch
  • Locate, confirm, and log ad schedules through regular show audits via the terrestrial, SiriusXM, and podcast space
  • Maintain a documented system of advertisement confirmations
  • Ensure paid campaigns are executed to client contractual obligations and ARM ad requirements
  • Monitor High Priority/New Starts
  • Maintain positive relationships with talents and reps to ensure collection of all airchecks
  • Log and monitor actionable items and offer success coaching for future campaigns
  • Maintain a documented system of make good schedules and credits
  • Report daily to Team Leads and Account Managers on the status of all discrepancies and schedule changes
  • Monitor actionable and in-process flow to ensure efficiency
  • Assist QA Team Members as needed
  • Lead QA Coordinators/Direct Reports
  • Perform quarterly evaluation audits
  • Address non-actionable issues on a monthly basis
  • Assist in the resolution of higher-level actionable items
  • Assist in trafficking and confirming creative schedules between media teams and outlets
  • Oversee client evaluation performance reports as well as competitive monitoring


  • 2+ years of industry knowledge working in the influencer landscape or media & entertainment
  • BA degree in Communications, Media Studies or relatable degree
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills are a must; you will be communicating with many different teams and representatives
  • Knowledge of media production and communication
  • Proficient in administrative and clerical procedures such as word processing, transcription, and managing files and records
  • Strong data entry skills are a must; comfortable processing thousands of lines of data
  • Proficient in Excel and Google applications
  • Excellent follow-through
  • Works well under pressure as weekly responsibilities are time sensitive
  • Knowledge of Adobe Audition or other audio editing software is a plus
  • Ability to work across teams
  • Able to work autonomously or collectively in a high-pressure environment
  • Excellent attention to detail when processing and evaluating audio files for accuracy and content
  • Ability to lead and mentor a team