Sky High Performance

Podcast Advertising

The Challenge

A major US airline invested in new on-board experiences to inspire travel and a comfortable, positive customer experience.  The airline needed to increase awareness, bring credibility and claim to reinforce that their investments onboard offer the best travel experience possible in a post-pandemic world beyond traditional methods.

Our Solution

ARM built a tailored plan for the airline focusing on hosts who either frequently travel for business or have a known love and affinity for the airline to give free-range, ad-lib endorsements to their onboard experience.

We leveraged both syndicated data showing listeners’ current loyalty alliances as well as our qualitative, multi-year relationships with hosts to recommend suitable ones to deliver the most credible endorsement.

Borrowing equity from these hosts meant advertising acts as a word-of-mouth recommendation rather than an obtrusive generic message.


The Results

ARM used a mix of art and science to build a creator plan that drove upper and mid-funnel brand results sustained through the busiest travel periods:  Q3, Q4, and beyond.

Hand-selecting hosts who not only personally loved the brand but also could endorse the claims onboard drove recorded double-digit increases in the airline’s brand consideration, brand favorability, familiarity, trustworthiness, and brand love, verified by a 3rd party brand study that measured all channels of the campaign including podcasts.