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We teamed with Shark Tank legends, "Tipsy Elves", to showcase their hilarious sweater designs and own Google market share.
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Their Story

Shark Tank Sensation

Tipsy Elves is a leading retailer ugly Christmas sweaters retailer and other seasonal apparel. After their Shark Tank debut, Tipsy was looking to expand their digital presence. Since that day, Ad Results Media has been their one and only digital acquisition partner for over three years.

Their Goal

Cost Efficient Scale

Tipsy was looking to take market share and grow topline revenue (cost consciously) in a traditionally commoditized apparel vertical. They were competing against large retailers such as Amazon, but also smaller competitors who already had a brand presence and eCommerce savvy.

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The Solution

A targeted product listing ads strategy

Ad Results Media created a targeted shopping strategy aligning high converting search volume with individual products and an expanded campaign presence. The goal was to create a granular, yet nimble structure that allowed for frequent testing, optimization and analysis.

The implemented strategy showcased Tipsy’s unique designs, increased impression share on their entire SKU catalog, aligned high converting paid search terms with individual SKUs in the product feed and re-structured and expanded campaign presence.

Making Giant Elves

By closely monitoring best selling SKUs, Ad Results was able to hone in on the most effective product bids and maximize exposure for numerous key SKUs in their assortment. Orders and revenue grew by over 550% vs. the prior year while Tipsy’s market awareness increased on Google by 250% when measured by impressions.

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