A Leg Up

Great designs need great visual presentation. Ad Results worked closely with Carbon38 to create an ad experience that showcased their amazing designs while focusing on performance.
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Their Story

Workout Style, Elevated

Carbon38 is an activewear eCommerce company that sells a carefully chosen collection of sportswear brands to take people from the gym to the street and beyond. The company was founded by classically trained dancers Katie Warner Johnson and Caroline Gogolak.

Their Goal

Connecting With Customers

The activewear retailer wanted to reach new potential customers and increase sales on its website. It also wanted to determine the impact of moving slideshow ads, compared to the photo ads it typically uses.


Moving Creative

Carbon38 partnered with Ad Results Media, LLC to tell its brand story on Facebook and Instagram. The company decided to test slideshow ads to see if this moving format would have a greater impact on sales.

Each of the images featured in the ad were brand new and had never been used before in the company’s advertising. The images also featured real fitness models in different athletic poses, such as yogis, runners or people in athleisure clothing, which Carbon38 had discovered appealed to a wider audience than typical models.

The company used the slideshow format to display many of its featured designers and trendy styles in a single ad. Copy encouraged people to “sweat in style,” while a “Shop Now” call-to-action button directed people to the Carbon38 website where they could browse the company’s bestselling items and other products.

Finally, to ensure its ads reached the right people, the company created a Custom Audience of people who had made a purchase from its site within the last 30 days, and then developed and targeted a lookalike audience based on this group. Carbon38 also used Facebook Marketing Partner Datalogix to create and target an audience of online upscale apparel shoppers.

Winning In Style

Carbon38’s 10-day campaign in August–September 2016 proved the positive impact of high-quality slideshow ads and inspired the company to relaunch an always-on version of the campaign just 3 days later.

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