Ad Results Media used 20 years of expertise, thought leadership, endorser partnerships, creativity, attention-to-detail and forward-thinking tactics to meet the challenge of finding and scaling new paid acquisition channels for brands. The result was their early bet on podcast advertising and the commensurate rapid growth of podcast content, advertising dollars and client revenue.
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# of people 12+ who have
ever listened to a podcast

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# of listeners have purchased a product
or service after hearing an ad

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Growth in podcast ad dollars
between 2015 and 2020

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Their Story

Bet Early - Bet Big

Ad Results Media is an audio and digital advertising agency that specializes in performance marketing. They are a pioneer in the podcast advertising space and now own 35% of the medium's ad market share.

The Challenge

Profitable Scale for Brands

Advertiser’s digital efforts had reached a saturation point, and now they were on a mission to find incremental marketing channels that could drive profitable scale. In turn, they looked to Ad Results Media as they were known to be a best-in-class direct-response audio ad agency that had proven their ability to change a traditionally upper-funnel medium into a profitable acquisition channel.

Podcasts Advertising
The Solution

Maximize Podcasts

Ad Results recognized early on that Podcasts could be a very effective marketing channel because of its “lean-in” nature. The medium offers a more intimate and organic experience that could transition hosts from pure endorsers to bona fide influencers and evangelists. Per the 2017 IAB Podcast Playbook, "lean-in listeners are intentional in that they are seeking out the content to consume it, and they are engaged in the moment. In research conducted by Midroll among listeners to podcasts in their network, 67 percent of respondents could name an actual product feature or specific promotion mentioned in a podcast ad, and 61 percent of listeners indicated that they purchased a product or service they learned about from a podcast ad."

Ad Results Media understood the opportunity and shifted resources internally to capitalize on the burgeoning market. Over the last few years, they have been a material contributor to the growth and success of both advertisers and podcasters alike. Ad spend is expected to grow from $69M in 2015 to a projected $534M by 2020.


Podcast listeners are a well defined group
- 49% make business purchasing decisions
- 80% have full-time jobs
- 30% are executives of manager
- 77% of listeners are 18-54
- 80% listen on mobile device

Audio Services

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